Everyone has a unique beauty

I have been taking photographs for more than 20 years. Before being able to go pro with my passion, I spent much of my time in front of the camera. While I was lucky enough to enjoy success as an actor, the experience could be humbling at times, it helped me understand firsthand that being photographed isn’t always easy—even for the most confident among us. And so, I approach every job with this knowledge—whether it’s a commercial session or a family portrait.

To create images that speak to the essence of an individual, I strive to initiate an atmosphere that’s casual and comfortable, allowing a subject’s natural liveliness to shine through. Before beginning a session, I take the time to personally meet my clients and share a bit about myself. I believe that everyone (cats and dogs too!) has their own unique beauty—an inner light. It’s my job as a photographer to capture this in a moment. And it’s something I take pride in doing for everyone I photograph.


Guido is the absolute best photographer I have worked with. During my session he made me feel very comfortable which allowed me to get the best headshots. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him. Guido is extremely open, fun, diligent, and not to mention, is very talented. One of the many great things I appreciated was that Guido did not stop until we got each shot. I felt no pressure with the time and no pressure to hurry with the photos. Everything was about getting my best shot.

Eve Cuccaro